About Us


We are an Dubai, UAE based hotel management platform,currently managing 3 properties under recently launched brands GSS Palace hotel.The company has presence in Dubai, and a strong pipeline to develop new projects, both urban and vocational, for the upcoming years.

Who we are

GSS Palace,Grand Hotel and Gulf Star Hotel for leisure. We have experience working with clients and turning dreams into reality. We specialize in hospitality outlet managing along with the opportunity to work with businesses already operating yet in financial difficulty or distress in any particular process/area of hospitality management. Our expertise is wide ranging including complete hospitality conceptualization, design & development, location sourcing construction and interior design sourcing, marketing, staff training.

Our sole commitment is our client’s success, growth and long-term development. Our values are simple yet consistent through all areas of our work. Together we create projects that exceed our clients’ expectations and maximize profits. If our clients face immediate distressed situations, we provide immediate solutions, action-steps and follow through strategies to fix, correct and amend all problems at speed accuracy and precision. Taking away your headaches is what we strive to do every day.

Vision: "To be the leading global hospitality management company, renowned for exceptional service and innovative guest experiences."

Mission: "Our mission is to deliver unparalleled hospitality management services, fostering growth and success for our partners and creating memorable stays for every guest."


Values: Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork.