Terms and Conditions

The below booking terms & conditions, including any revised booking terms & conditions that we may update from time to time, state the terms & conditions under which GSS Hotel Management (“GSS Hotel”, we”, “us”, “our”) will provide hotel accommodation to you (“you”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to make a Booking.

You may make a Booking by using our online reservation system, or via other channels e.g., our call centres and travel agents. Rooms are subject to availability and any applicable taxes and/or service charges as advised during your booking process.            

 In order to secure your booking, you are required to provide a deposit depending on your applicable Accommodation rate.

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the country, all guests have to be registered, with valid proof of identification provided (passport or national ID).

You do not acquire the right to the availability of a specific room.  GSS Hotel Management  reserves the right to substitute your Booking for a similar or a better room category at the Hotel or to relocate your Booking to another  Hotel or non- Gss Hotels of the same or higher standard, at no additional cost to you, if the room category specified in your Booking is unavailable.

GSS Hotel Management may cancel your Booking at any time, without prejudice to any other right it may have: (a) if you are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions; (b) for security purposes; (c) by order of the Government or any public authority; or (d) due to an event of Force Majeure.

Check-in and Check-out Times
GSS Hotel’s Management standard check-in time is 00:00hrs and check-out time is 00:00hrs midday. The times may slightly vary, depending on the Hotel and the rate booked. You will be advised of your exact check-in and check-out time during your Booking process.

If you would like to extend your check-out time, please contact the reception desk.

Please note that in case you decide to depart earlier than expected, the Hotel will charge for the full stay reserved and booked unless otherwise specified in the cancellation policy of your Booking.

Charges, including your outstanding Accommodation charges, if any, and any other charges, such as room service, mini-bar and any meals charged to your room (“Charges”) are payable on presentation of an invoice for such Charges. You agree to be personally liable for all Charges incurred. Please see our cancellation policy and refund policies.

At check-in you will be required to provide a security deposit equivalent to the sum of your outstanding Accommodation charges, if any, and applicable taxes for the entire stay and an additional fixed amount to cover potential incidentals as advised by the Hotel per day per room in the form of a cash deposit or credit card pre-authorization.

Foreign currency cannot be taken as a cash deposit unless exchanged into the local currency at the existing Hotel rates and the balance returned in local currency. For credit card payment, pre-authorization will be taken upon arrival and once the outstanding Charges exceed the pre-authorization, the exceeding amount will be taken accordingly without prior notification.

All Charges have to be settled upon check-out at the latest. If for any reason you do not pay the Charges (or any part of them) upon check-out, then you acknowledge and agree that we may charge the outstanding Charges, if applicable, to your credit card without prior notification.

Please make advance reservations via telephone or book online to ensure room availability. Advance in Cash or deposit /online Payment is mandatory to obtain the confirmed reservation. Please read the cancellation policy before obtaining the confirmed reservation. Rates displayed online are not guaranteed until the confirmation voucher is generated. The rates are generally dynamic in nature. Once a rate is selected and the transaction is executed by you, no other rate is applicable either higher or lower and enforce no refund is admissible.

The estimated cost for stay includes the confirmed room rate, the estimated taxes, and estimated fees. The actual taxes, fees and charges prevalent at the time of stay shall be applicable, which may vary from the estimates and you are liable to pay any extra cost on account of such amendments in taxes, fees,charges, etc. Currency conversions are estimates and are provided as information only. The bill on check out for stay shall be charged in the hotel’s local currency. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the reservation if it appears, at the sole discretion of the hotel, that a guest is engaged in fraudulent, illegal or other inappropriate activity or the reservation is obtained fraudulently or with malafide intention or mistake or error.

On check in to the hotel, please present the hotel reservation confirmation voucher along with a valid photo ID or Passport, Photo PAN Card, Election Identity Card, Photo driving license, or any photo ID card issued by the Central/ State government and a valid credit card for any incidental and/ or extra charges. All promotion/sale rates are restrictive fares and are non-refundable. Certain promotion/sale Rates do not permit any changes in the hotel booking. Please check restrictions on the rate while booking. Under all promotion(s)/sale rates, limited inventory is available on select Room type(s) only on a first-come first-served basis.

GSS Hotel Management reserves the right to withdraw and/or amend the promotion/sale without any prior notice. All extra services & amenities not part of this offer will be available at an additional charge only. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion or benefit(s) available through any loyalty program run by GSS or any third party. In case of non-availability of pre-booked room at the time of arrival, the hotel will offer an alternate similar standard hotel/ in a similar room type, at its discretion and without any further liability. Rates may change without notice and may vary for special events except for confirmed reservations against the advance payment. All rates are subject to prevailing local taxes as applicable on room tariff & services opted.

Normal occupancy permits maximum of two people per room. Additional person (if room size permits) is charge extra as per the prevalent rate of the Hotel.

Your Booking is subject to fees and taxes in the UAE.  As a result, you will be required to pay such fees and taxes (including but not limited to VAT) as applicable and in accordance with the existing legislation or any legislation that may be introduced in the future. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with your Booking will be your responsibility.

Cancellations of your Booking, amendments to your Booking and/or no-shows will be charged in accordance with the applicable Hotel policy for your specific Accommodation and/or Accommodation rate, as advised during your Booking process.

You acknowledge and agree that, if applicable, we may charge the fee for the cancellation or amendment of your Booking and/or no-show to your credit card.

If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date the entire reservation will be canceled automatically by the Hotel and will be charged for the entire reservation. If you fail to check in on the first date but still continue your travel plan to stay at the hotel, please, urgently, contact us to keep the room for you for the rest of the nights. Otherwise as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-canceled and no refund admissible.

Deposit/ online payment
The deposit / online payment is to be paid in advance is equivalent to total room nights booked for the entire stay to get the confirmed reservation. We accept deposits only against the Maestro, Visa and MasterCard. For an alternate mode of payment, please contact the hotel’s reservations. Corporate reservations need to be secured by a company credit card. For an alternate mode of payment, please contact Hotel’s Reservation. Group bookings of four or more rooms require cancellation notice to refund the deposit as specified in cancellation & early checkout and refund policies.

Right of Refusal
We reserve the right to refuse you or any of your visitors, entry to the Hotel and cancel your Accommodation if, on arrival, we consider that you or your visitors are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are unsuitably dressed, or are behaving in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner.

Your behavior
We reserve the right to require you or any of your visitors to immediately vacate your room, check-out and leave the Hotel premises if we consider that you are behaving (or have behaved) in a threatening, abusive, or otherwise unacceptable manner which could trigger (or has triggered) a risk to the safety and health of other guests or staff of the Hotel or are causing (or have caused) a disturbance or annoyance to other Hotel guests or staff of the Hotel.

You must comply and must ensure that all of your visitors comply, with all reasonable rules and procedures in effect at the Hotel and notified to you, including but not limited to health and safety, security procedures and any other legal requirements.

Under no circumstances may you take photographs of our other guests or Hotel premises to sell or for any other commercial purpose.

With the exception of infant food or unless explicitly approved by the Hotel, neither you nor any of your visitors may bring your own food or drink into the Hotel for consumption at hotel.

You may not and must ensure that any of your visitors do not, enter areas of the Hotel which are indicated as being closed to the public.

Please be advised that smoking is not permitted in the All Hotels , except in expressly designated smoking rooms and outside areas.  A fee (reasonably determined by us) for cleaning and deodorizing the room and furniture may apply for smoking in any other Hotel room. Using bukhour, candles or any form of open flame is not permitted in any Hotel room.

Subject to Hotel’s approval and payment (reasonably determined by us) damage deposit, pets are allowed at the Hotel. Pets shall not be left unattended in your room unless notified to the front office and housekeeping. Pets or other animals are not allowed at hotel restaurants. The deposit less any deduction for damages, if applicable, will be refunded upon check-out.

Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Property damage/loss
You are responsible for any loss or damage to hotel property, furnishings, fittings or equipment (including, without limitation, towels and linen), caused by you or by any of your visitors. Amounts required to remedy any damage caused will be charged at your sole expense.

Pools, Water-activities
Please be advised that the use of pools, and other water activities, spas and health clubs are at your own risk.  GSS Hotel Management cannot be held responsible for any form of personal injury, loss, damage, or death caused by the usage thereof (except that nothing affects the liability of GSS HoteL Management  for death or personal injury caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct or any other liability which may not be excluded or limited by law).

Money, jewellery and other valuables are brought to the Hotel at your own risk and must be placed in the safe deposit box available in your room or at the reception.

To the extent permissible by any applicable law, no responsibility is accepted by GSS Hotel Management , GSS Hotel’s legal representatives or persons used to perform an obligation of  GSS Hotel Management (including our employees, affiliates, partners and agents) (“Representatives”),  GSS  Hotel’s affiliates and  Representatives of GSS  Hotel’s affiliates for loss or damage to any guest property which is not placed in a safe deposit box, except where such loss or damage is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of , GSS  Hotel’s Management  Representatives, affiliates and Representatives of GSS Hotel management affiliates.

The liability of GSS Hotel Management, Representatives, Hotel’s affiliates and Representatives of Hotel’s affiliates for loss or damage to any guest property which is placed in a safe deposit box shall be limited to AED X.XXX except where such loss or damage is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of GSS Hotel Management,  Representatives,  affiliates and Representatives of affiliates.

You must report any loss of or damage to your property immediately upon discovery and must make yourself available to assist with any reports made by us to the police. Avenue Hotel shall have no liability to you if you fail to submit such notice immediately or you fail to assist with any reports to the police.

For each visitor, an additional occupancy charge in accordance with your applicable Accommodation rate will be added to your Accommodation charge.

To the extent permissible by any applicable law, Gss  Hotel Management excludes all liability and responsibility for Gss Hotel Management, Representatives, affiliates and Representatives of affiliates for loss or damage of whatever nature arising from or in connection with your Hotel stay, regardless of whether such loss or damage would arise in the ordinary course of events or otherwise, is reasonably foreseeable or otherwise, or is caused by any error or omission of Gss Hotel Management,Gss Hotel Management staff, Representatives, affiliates and Representatives of affiliates (whether negligent or not), except that nothing affects the liability of us , Our Representatives,  affiliates and Representatives of  affiliates for death or personal injury caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of staff , Hotel’s Representatives, affiliates and Representatives of Hotel’s affiliates or any other liability which may not be excluded or limited by law.

Gss Hotel Management will not be liable to you or any of your visitors, for any loss or damage to property caused by the misconduct or negligence of another guest.

Gss  Hotel Management will not be liable to you for any failure or delay in performing any of our obligations if the failure or delay was due to an event of Force Majeure.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed unlawful, void or for any other reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severed from the Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions.

Gss Hotel Management  failure to exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of the Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver of such rights or provisions.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall create a contractual relationship with, or cause of action in favour of, any third party. Any rights of any third party to enforce these Terms and Conditions under any applicable legal principle, statute or otherwise are excluded.

General words shall not be given a restrictive interpretation by reason of their being preceded or followed by words indicating a particular class of assets, matters or things.

If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please contact us by email to info@gsshotelmanagement.com